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Pharmacy is a medical profession that connects health sciences and chemical sciences. It can also be taken as a store where medicinal drugs are sold and dispensed. It is also responsible for the effective and safe usage of pharmaceutical drugs. The range of pharmacy services includes modern health care services, clinical services and providing information related to drugs. Pharmacists are the health professionals who have optimized medications and have helped in providing patients positive outcomes.

Chemist's and drugstores are the establishments where pharmacy is practiced. In United States, drug stores not only sell medicine but also sweets, groceries, cosmetics and magazines. Pharmacy is mainly divided into three categories like pharmaceutics, pharmacy practice and pharmacy research. All these branches are very vast and they are considered as a separate profession.

Most of the medicine is coming from pharmaceutical companies. The trend has started after the invention of first life saving drug known as penicillin. With the help of modern marketing techniques, drug production is controlled by this industry. Before the production of these drugs, pharmacists make use of compounding techniques in which they make drugs according to the doctor's prescription. Recently, there are many compounding pharmacies in America.

Finding a local drug store pharmacy is the most stressful task for many people. Most of the times they contact their insurance service providers to give them the list of nearby local pharmacies. Sometimes doctors guide their patients to local pharmacies. Nowadays there are many pharmacy websites available on the internet that has helped people a lot in locating pharmacies. For compounding pharmacies, there are 2 major directories in US. These directories contain complete information about pharmacies like their map, phone number, present medicines and registered information etc. Because of this information one can easily find a pharmacy in his/her area.

There are many pharmacy practice areas like community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, internet pharmacy and veterinary pharmacy etc. Community pharmacy consists of a trade storefront with dispensary where medicines are dispensed and sold. In many countries there are specific rules regarding dispensing and selling of these medicines. Hospitals pharmacies are somewhat different to community pharmacies because they have complex medicine management system while community pharmacy has complex customer relation issues. Similarly other pharmacies have their own specialties and they are providing benefits to their customers in their own way.

In short, pharmacy is only meant for medicines, so finding a pharmacy is not a big issue these days because of technology advancements as everything is available online.

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